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Playing with three Utopias


According to Oscar Wilde, "a map of the world which does not include Utopia is not even worth glancing at..."

The concept of Utopia has always been considered as a spatial form. This project focuses on three expresions of Utopianism during the period 1950-1970 relating to the notion of the city: New Babylon of the Situationists, Ville Spatiale/Archipelago of Yona Friedman and Black Rock city of the Burning Man festival. Utilizing the concept of the game, closely related to that of Utopia, a scaled model was constructed, constituting a visualization of the relevant utopian ideas into something palpable. The goal is to gather and structure information into a material object, a board game with which the visitor can interact.

"BM. NB. VS: Playing with three Utopias" is the final deliverable for the research project entitled "Post-nostalgia: Design meets Utopia", organised by Vakalo Art & Design College.The aim of the project, which ran for two years (from January 2017 through to December 2018), was to conduct research on the notion of Design as a material bearer of collective/individual memory and of critical utopian visions, with references to the 1950-1970 period and contemporary creative practice.

PROJECT: Research

INSTITUTION: Vakalo Art & Design College

YEAR: 2017-2019                                         

Final model: "BM. NB. VS." board game
Initial sketches
Preliminary design layout

Assembling the common characteristics of the 3 Utopias in one sigle drawing in order to visually compare them.

Layer A: the grid
Layer B: the cities
Board game's final design
Game instructions_side A
Game instructions_side B
"Moving up" cards sample for New Babylon's section
“Moving down” cards sample for New Babylon’s section
Making of: New Babylon's sectors
Making of: setting the foundation for New Babylon
Making of: Archipelagos' s islands
Final model: "BM. NB. VS." board game
Final model: "BM. NB. VS." board game
Final model: "BM. NB. VS." board game
Post-Nostalgia: Exhibition's opening day
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