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Aqua Villa


Aqua Villa is situated in Elliniko area, behind the old Athens Airport. It is a three stories house that offers the visitors a nice view of the Saronic Gulf, mixed with remnants of the old airport, like the watchtower and the abandoned shades of the Olympic Airlines aircrafts. That view provided us with the colour palette used as the main colour scheme for the refurbishing of the house, plus the nostalgic feeling that we incorporated in the concept design.

Shades of blue were used both as wall paint and furniture upholstery, combined with blue and white decorative objects to create a nautical vibe, whereas black details were added to reflect a more austere and urban environment. A vintage set of armchairs and carefully selected old photos of Greece, from important Greek photographers, were used as a reference to past eras. Timeless materials like marble and brass underline the classic yet contemporary character of the Villa.

PROJECT: Interior Design & Styling

LOCATION: Elliniko, Athens

YEAR: 2018

TYPE: Hotels & Villas

CLIENT: Urban Villas 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ioanna Paggalia

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