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Building a Case


The brief for this project was to design and build a custom bookcase for a lawyer couple & owners of tons of books. Apart from their practical need for book storage space, the clients also expressed their wish for the bookcase to add to the character of the living room a design element. 

Working towards that direction, it was decided to take advantage of the existing structure of the fire place. Hence, the bookcase started unfolding from the recesses of the fireplace's plasterboard along the whole length of the wall. Rectangular geometrical volumes of different sizes and depths were used to design a synthesis of stackable "boxes".


The bookcase consists of both the "boxes" and the negative space created around them, while incorporating the radiator - hidden behind the gridded pattern - offering an extra lighting scheme to the living room. The design concept was inspired by a hand-made square stone mosaic, a treasured possession of the client. The same way these square stones are arranged side by side to shape an image, the "boxes" are assembled to compose a bookcase.

PROJECT: Furniture Design

LOCATION: Nea Smyrni, Athens

YEAR: 2016

TYPE: Residential 

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