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Alexandra's Desk


This multifunctional piece of furniture can be used in three ways: as a regular desk with all the necessary storage space, as a working counter for processing fabrics and when rolled in the middle of the space (thus the wheels), as a meeting table for brainstorming with clients and collaborators. The desk, drawing inspiration from Alexandra’s loom, follows the same linear, minimalistic and utilitarian language. The design enhances the image a of robust structure, emphasizing the craftmanship of carpentry. The pinewood framework and worktop evoke a rustic feeling, the surfaces from taupe formica contribute to the natural and earthy aesthetic, whereas the vibrant blue interior reveals itself as a bold contrast. Our aim was for the desk to reflect Alexandra’s philosophy of her designs as the result of balance between old, contemporary and timeless.

PROJECT: Furniture Design 

LOCATION: Psyri, Athens

YEAR: 2023

TYPE: Commercial

PHOTOGRAPHY: D. Andrianopoulos

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