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Balancing Old & New

The guideline for this Villa was to create a homely and welcoming place. A quiet shelter in the busy city centre of Athens, where its temporary residents (mainly tourists) would benefit from its strategically placed location to explore the historically imbued surrounding areas. In the beginning of the concept design, we were lucky enough to discover that the owner of the house had in her possession a vast collection of objects, many of them dating a century ago, from every day house paraphernalia that reflected the life in Old Athens, to exquisite art pieces and rare first edition's posters from 50's and 60's Greek tourism campaigns. 


Thus, the interior design was targeted towards merging the antique collectables in a contemporary living space. Vintage furniture was restored and reupholstered, old wooden panels were retrofitted to serve as headboards and  restored crates were turned into coffee tables, with the top part serving as a display case for authentic old Greek newspapers and vintage stationary equipment. The introvert architectural character of the house, provided the perfect canvas to exhibit all these hidden treasures. Carefully balancing between old and new, the space was transformed into a hospitable yet luxurious Villa, that invites the inhabitants to discover the many aspects of Greek cultural heritage.

PROJECT: Interior Design & Styling

LOCATION: Metaxourghio, Athens

YEAR: 2017

TYPE: Hotels & Villas 

CLIENT: Urban Villas 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ioanna Paggalia

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