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Summer House in Mykonos

The brief for the project was the refurbishment of a holiday home, in order to fit the owners' need for a higher level of privacy and relaxation during summer holidays. To achieve this, a spacious ensuite bedroom was created by expanding the already existing bedroom towards the house's outer wall. The extra free space turned into a big built in closet, to accommodate the owners personal belongings. The rest of the house's structural elements remained intact, whereas the interior design of the living room and bedrooms was completely redefined.

Privacy was also needed at the front porch of the house, where the dining area faces a communal street. Hence, a custom-made, perforated structure was placed on top of the existing wall, increasing its height, while following its form.

PROJECT: Interior Architecture & Design

DESIGN TEAM: Daphne Kala in collaboration with GnB Architects 

LOCATION: Mykonos, Greece


TYPE: Residential                     

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