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This high-end Villa in Varkiza (a south suburb of Athens) had a very strong character by itself, so the guidelines were to furnish and style the interiors in a way that would enhance its own unique architectural qualities.

An earthy color palette was chosen to match the reddish hues of the stone walls, while natural materials like wood and rattan were selected to compliment the space. The travertine marble top turned the dining table into a center piece, that evokes a subtle luxury contrasting with the roughness of the walls. The laid-back sofa and the white loveseat enhanced the casual feeling of a vacation house and created an antithesis with the formal character of the stone fireplace mantel. The outdoor space was treated with the same mentality of integrating old and new, earthy and airy.

Constant aim was to maintain the balance between the rustic elements of the house with its Tuscan architectural influences and to combine it with a minimalistic language in terms of forms, materials, objects and art. The design worked towards updating the rural aesthetics of the house to a more elegant and contemporary version.

PROJECT: Interior Design & Styling

LOCATION: Varkiza, Attica

YEAR: 2021

TYPE: Hotels & Villas

CLIENT: Urban Villas 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ioanna Paggalia

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