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Urban Suites


“Urban Suites” is a high end aparthotel situated in Alimos area, right on the Athenian waterfront, with an astonishing view of the Argosaronic Gulf. It consists of ten units, ranging from 30sqm. suite-style ones to 100sqm. family-friendly ones. The units were designed from scratch in a pre-existing, not in use, four stories building. The main design guideline was to take advantage to the maximum extent of the building’s privileged position.

Each apartment was treated as a distinct entity and simultaneously as a part of a whole. This was achieved by maintaining a common design language that was repeated creatively. Emphasis was given to the visual continuity of the outside and the inside, of the natural and urban landscape and the built environment of the apartments. That was achieved through the implementation of open floor plan layouts, repetition of materials, use of colours, reflective surfaces and transparencies.

The concept of the interior design was based on the idea of transition. The building per se, through its openings, works as a frame to the natural surrounding and its occurring transitions, like the passage from day to night. Colour palette that the sky produces throughout the day was used as a main theme for the apartments. Concrete ceiling and pillars were left exposed, wherever possible, to maintain the urban feeling. Custom made terrazzo flooring was laid as a reference to pebble beaches. The project drew its inspiration from Aegean aesthetics to create spaces that stand between the cityscape and a Greek summer holiday destination, spaces “of transition”.

PROJECT: Interior Architecture & Design

INTERIOR ARCHITECTS: Daphne Kala, Ino Kouladourou, Myrto Leotsakou (Studio Ice-Cream)

LOCATION: Alimos, Athens

YEAR: 2019-2020

TYPE: Hotels & Villas

CLIENT: Urban Villas

PHOTOGRAPHY: George Sfakianakis

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