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Urban Tropics

The aim of the project was the refurbishment of an 80’s villa at the south suburbs of Athens. The brief was to make the house suitable for exquisite touristic use through online platforms that host similar properties. The villa is situated at the top of a hill next to a pine thicket with an unobstructed view of the sea, while also being very close to the busy commercial centre of South Athens. 


The guideline was to create a holiday retreat atmosphere which would retain its urban references. To achieve this, tropical elements usually found in exotic destinations were used. Simultaneously, mid-century touches were blended with the strict architectural lines of the house to append an urban feeling to the tropical vibes. The goal was to produce engaging images that catches the eye and invite people for an escape. 

PROJECT: Interior Design & Styling

LOCATION: Alimos, Athens

YEAR: 2016

TYPE: Hotels & Villas

CLIENT: Urban Villas 

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